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How to Lay Brick Pavers With Mortar

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There are two main types of installation methods for laying brick pavers. One is to use the "dry" method, where you use a bed of compacted gravel and sand rather than mortar. This method is advantageous for those who are looking to complete a paver job quickly and efficiently. The mortar-based method, on the other hand, is more time consuming, but it gives you a more stable structure that can stand the test of time. Installing bricks pavers with mortar by yourself can save you a lot of money in the end.

Prepare the installation site. If you're not installing the brick pavers onto an existing concrete slab, you'll need to lay down a layer of concrete. First, excavate the area where you want to lay the pavers, approximately 6 inches deep into the ground. Next, build a border for the concrete by lining one 2-by-4 along each of the four inside walls of the excavation area. Attach the boards to each other with a hammer and nails. Mix the concrete according to the package instructions, and pour the concrete into the excavation area to a height of about 4 inches. Drag a 2-by-4 across the surface of the concrete to get a smooth, even layer. Allow the concrete to dry for 24 hours before proceeding.

Mix the mortar with water in a wheelbarrow according to the package instructions. Once you have mixed the mortar thoroughly, start in a corner and apply a 1-inch layer of mortar on top of the concrete, so there's enough mortar to lay no more than four pavers down at a time. Spread the mortar with a trowel, and set the pavers on top of the mortar, leaving around 1/8-inch of space between each of the pavers. After you set each row of four pavers, set a level across the top to ensure they're level and even. Adjust the level if necessary by adding more mortar underneath the pavers.

Continue working in small sections and lay enough mortar for four pavers at a time until all pavers have been set. Wipe away any mortar on the surface of the pavers. Allow 12 hours for the mortar to dry.

Mix the grout in a bucket according to the package instructions. Use one of the sponges to spread the grout in the spaces between each of the pavers. Using a bucket of water and a separate sponge, wipe away any grout on the surface of the pavers. Allow 12 hours for the grout to dry completely, and your patio will be ready to use.

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