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How to Stop Theft from Outdoor Water Spigots

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Some communities experience water theft from the outdoor water spigots with a garden hose. The culprit will attach a garden hose, usually at night and stretch the hose to another home for use in watering the lawn or for home use if their water supply is cut off. Neighborhoods may also have vandals who turn the outdoor water spigots or Bibb faucets on and let the water run for many hours in the night. A hose Bibb lock prevents vandalism and theft of water for a Bibb faucet.

Insert the key for the hose bibb lock into the key slot.

Turn the key left on a brass model with a key cylinder to unlock it or just insert the key for a magnetic lock and it will unlock.

Leave the key in place and screw the lock onto the outdoor faucet. Turn the lock fully clockwise until it is hand-tight.

Turn the key right on a brass model with a key cylinder and remove it or remove the key by pulling it straight out on a magnetic lock. This will lock the outdoor water spigot so that no water will come out of the faucet.

Insert the key into the lock and either turn a cylinder lock or insert the magnetic key to unlock the hose bibb lock. Turn the lock counterclockwise and remove it from the outdoor faucet. Turn on the faucet or attach a garden hose to use water outdoors.

Replace the lock after you are finished using the water.


Hose bibb locks are available in two styles. Plastic style locks have a magnetic key and brass style locks have a cylinder lock like a doorknob.

Hose bibb locks include a rubber seal to stop the exit of water so that an outdoor spigot that has a leak will no longer drip out of the faucet.

This kind of lock includes two keys for each lock; some manufacturers produce packages of multiple locks that all accept the same key for ease of use in homes that have several outdoor faucets.


The outdoor faucet handle should be off before removing the bibb lock. If the handle is on water will spew out upon removal of the lock.

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