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How to Kill Moss on Asphalt

moss covered roof image by Jorge Moro from

Moss can grow on a variety of surfaces, including asphalt roof shingles and driveways, in between concrete stepping stones and other areas where there is a fair amount of shade. Getting rid of moss from these surfaces is an easy task with the right equipment. If you do not feel comfortable about working on your roof, call a professional to take care of the moss problem.

Fill your garden sprayer with 80 percent water and 20 percent bleach. Spray the mossy area on the asphalt surface thoroughly with the water and bleach solution. Make sure you spray the moss during a dry week to allow the moss to absorb the solution fully.

Wait three to four days before removing the dead moss from the asphalt surface. The moss should be a golden brown color when dead. Respray any moss that was not killed after the first application of the bleach solution. Use a shop broom or pressure washer to remove the old moss from the surface.

Pull up stubborn moss with your hands. Use a pair of gardening gloves to gain a better grip on the moss and to avoid getting your hands dirty.

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