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Outside Home Remedy to Get Rid of Gnats

By Mary Lougee ; Updated September 21, 2017
A swarm of gnats can ruin outdoor family activities.
Backyard barbecue bbq image by Nicky Jacobs from Fotolia.com

Gnats can be aggravating insects because they normally travel in swarms. Damp areas and spoiling food attract gnats to garbage cans and to people when they are sweating outside. Gnats aggravate with their high-pitched buzzing, try to enter human and dog's eyes to obtain moisture. Homemade all-natural gnat traps eliminate the bugs from outside before they enter a home and cause extra distress for humans and pets.

Place a screw-on lid tightly on a jar. A mayonnaise jar or canning jar with either a plastic or metal lid works well. Place the jar on a solid flat surface and hold it steady with one hand. Use an ice pick to pierce 20 holes in a random pattern in the top of the lid while holding the jar.

Open the lid on the jar and fill the jar almost full with white vinegar. Leave about 1/4 inch of airspace between the vinegar and the top of the jar. Replace the lid and screw it on tightly.

Place the jar outside on a table, or any flat surface. The smell of the vinegar attracts gnats so that they fly in the tiny holes in the jar lid and drown in the liquid. When gnat’s wings are wet, they cannot fly out. This traps them in the jar and they eventually drown.


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