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How to Replace Belts on a Troybilt Pony Mower

By Steven Douglas
Tall grass causes belt slippage.

After extended usage (more than two seasons' use), drive belts on a Troy-Bilt Pony tractor can become frayed and brittle which causes them to slip. Slipping belts then become overheated due to increased friction which causes them to break. If you notice that the freshly mowed grass beneath your tractor is not cut cleanly or appears patchy in areas of the lawn where the grass is tall, then it is highly likely your blade belt is starting to slip. Belts should be replaced at the first signs of slippage. Troy-Bilt has made belt replacement quite easy on its Pony model.

Park your Troy-Bilt tractor on a flat level surface. Set the parking brake. Raise the hood and disconnect the spark plug wire to prevent accidental starting. Lower the hood.

Place the PTO lever (blade engagement lever) in the off position. Slide the deck lift lever located on the right fender into the bottom (lowest deck height) position.

Raise the hood and remove the belt keeper rod that surrounds the engine pulley. This rod keeps the belt from detaching from the pulley. The rod is held in place with one self-tapping sheet metal screw which must be removed.

Remove the belt from the engine pulley and from the belt idler pulleys. On the left side of the tractor, remove the cotter pin that holds the deck support rod in place (it is attached to the mower deck). Push the deck support rod free from its attachment. Do this same procedure on the right side of the tractor.

Slide the deck lift lever located on the right fender into the top (highest deck height) position. This will raise the deck support rods out of your way. Slide the mower deck forward 6 inches (toward the front of the tractor), then slide it completely out of the left side of the tractor (it won't go far, since the PTO cable is still attached).

Remove the cotter pin holding the PTO cable to the mower deck. Remove the mower deck idler pulley spring. Remove the mower deck belt.

Install a new mower deck belt, then assemble the tractor in the reverse order of disassembly. Make sure to install a new drive belt as well. Test the operation of the two new belts.


Things You Will Need

  • Troy-Bilt replacement belt
  • Phillips screwdriver (medium)
  • Pliers
  • Work gloves


  • Always use the correct replacement parts for each Troy-Bilt belt being replaced. Even belts that appear identical (but are made for a different model tractor) will give vastly different performance.

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