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How to Remove a Pool Cover

By Kelli Bamforth ; Updated September 21, 2017

Home pools provide lasting entertainment for families and a welcome amenity during hot summer months. However, maintaining a home pool can be a laborious process if not done right. A well-maintained pool during the fall and winter months will make for easier pool openings in the spring and early summer, and proper home pool care begins with protecting the water between seasons. The best way to do this is with a pool cover. Carefully removing a pool cover can protect the pool's water and help result in clean, clear water at the start of pool season.

Remove leaves, insects, dirt and other debris from the surface of the pool cover using a broom or rake. Have a trash bag available for easy removal of the debris.

Remove excess water from the surface of the pool cover using a submersible pump or shop-vac. Tighten the pool cover by pulling on its edges to gather water in one area to make for easy water removal.

Roll the pool cover as you remove it. Try to limit the amount of leftover debris and water that can seep into the pool.

Unroll and lay flat the pool cover in another area of the yard, using the broom or rake again to remove debris a final time.

Use a hose to clean the pool cover on both sides. Keep the pool cover flattened for a few days so that it can dry, which will help prevent mildew from occurring during storage.

Fold the cover and secure it with a rope or other means to prevent it from unrolling during storage. Store in a dry area.


Things You Will Need

  • Broom or rake
  • Submersible pump or shop-vac
  • Hose
  • Trash bag


  • Try to enlist the help of a couple friends for actual removal of the pool cover to better prevent debris and water from getting into the pool. This can be especially tedious with above-ground pools. Pool covers can be heavy and awkward to handle, and having several people to assist will make for easier removal.
  • For faster drying of the pool cover, use a leaf blower.


  • Keep others, especially children, away from the pool area when removing a pool cover to prevent them from falling into the cold, dirty water.

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