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How to Make a PVC Support Post Using 5 Gallon Buckets With Cement

You can make a variety of supports from cement, a bucket and a length of pipe. The purpose of the support will determine the details and size of the components. Longer pipe will create a taller support, while buckets with wider bottoms will create a more stable support. Use heavier pipe, a higher schedule number, for projects where the pipe will be under strain. You can use the support to hold signs in temporary parking areas or a number of supports can be used with a rope between them to create crowd control fences.

Step 1

Mix the concrete according to manufacturer’s instructions. Concrete mixes--a prepared product with the cement, sand and gravel already combined--require the addition of water and mixing. Mix bulk cement with sand, gravel and water to create concrete. Use one part cement to three parts sand and gravel. Add water to create a mud like mix. Use a wheelbarrow for mixing if a cement mixer is not available.

Step 2

Cut the PVC pipe to the desired length using a hand or hacksaw. Place the PVC pipe in the 5-gallon bucket and pour the cement around it. Use a level to keep the pipe straight while tamping the concrete in place. Fill the bucket at least half full of concrete.

Step 3

Allow the concrete to set overnight. Place a cap over the top of the pipe to give the project a more finished look.

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