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How to Build a Foundation for a Big Max Shed

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Backyard sheds are an invaluable asset to many a homeowner. The extra storage they provide for everything from bikes and yard toys to lawnmowers and snow blowers makes for a cleaner garage and a more organized household. The Big Max Shed by Rubbermaid is durable and easy to set up. Before you set up your shed, however, you will need a solid foundation to build on. Luckily for the do-it-yourselfer, this is a simple project.

Decide the optimum location for your Big Max shed. The shed measures 7 feet by 7 feet, and the foundation will need to by a couple inches bigger all around the base. Find a spot that will comfortably accept and 8- by 8-foot footprint to be safe.

Measure out four 86-inch sides with a standard measuring tape. Mark the four corners with a scrap wooden stake. Check the diagonals to ensure that the measurements are the same. This will tell you that your base is square.

Tie a string around each stake to provide an outline for the foundation. Spread flour, chalk or even spray paint along the string line as a guide.

Dig down about 2 inches with a spade or shovel. If you encounter any large rocks, remove them and fill in the hole with soil to ensure a level dirt base.

Put down landscaping cloth across the base. This will help the poured gravel in the following step to remain in place, giving the Big Max shed a solid foundation.

Pour in 2 inches of crushed stone or gravel. Wet down the stone with a hose and then pack the stone in tight with a tamper or roller. Take a 6-foot 2-by-4 and lay it across the diagonals of the base. Use a standard level on top of the board and make sure the base is level.

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