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How to Clean Cement From Pavers

By Elton Dunn ; Updated September 21, 2017
There are many strategies to keep your pavers clean.

You've just completed a home improvement project with cement and you're feeling pretty good about your work until you look at your pavers and see spatters of drying cement. There are several strategies for removing that crusty, dried cement from brick, cement or wood pavers. To prevent a mess next time, cover pavers with a tarp before starting a cement project.

Wash the affected area with a hose. If the cement hasn't set, it may wash right off the pavers.

Fill a bucket with water. Place a stiff-bristled scrub brush in the water, then draw this back and forth over the dribbles. Sometimes the abrasive action, combined with water, is enough to remove the unwanted concrete. This method should work on dried concrete for a few hours.

Mix oxalic acid with water and brush this onto the dried concrete. Allow the solution to sit on the pavers for a few minutes, then spray it off with a hose or pressure washer. While an oxalic acid solution helps dissolve concrete, it may result in staining or etching your pavers, depending on the material. Apply the solution to a small area first as a test patch, then rinse it away quickly and check for evidence of staining.

Allow the concrete dribbles to dry thoroughly. Chip away at the cement using a hammer or a brick. Because you are using pressure to chip away the dried concrete, you run a risk of damaging the pavers beneath. Attempt this method, referred to as "dry blasting," only if you can't remove the concrete with other methods.


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