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How to Sell Horse Manure

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Owning horses can be a joy, but it comes with a host of problems including lot of waste that multiplies with the number of horses. One horse can produce up to 50 pounds of manure a day, so getting rid of this can be a daunting prospect. For horse owners willing to take a few extra steps with the manure, there are ways to turn that waste into money.

Selling your horse manure

Step 1

Begin by being realistic. If you have a small operation, chances are you will have to compost your manure in a smaller pile, bag it yourself and take it to the local nursery or grocery store to sell. Before you go through all this trouble, make sure you are actually going to have someone interested in allowing you to sell it, or a potential buyer. If you have a large operation, such as a boarding facility, you will need to compost your manure for at least a year before you have a salable item.

Step 2

Pile your manure in a dry, level spot. Do not choose a low spot for the pile because you want good drainage and to encourage the manure to dry with the wind and the sun. If it is a small pile, you need to turn it every two months to keep it aired well. If it is a large pile, plan to use a tractor to turn it every three months.

Step 3

Contact local landscapers and let them know you have compost to sell. Make sure you have kept the manure free of garbage and have limited it to shavings and horse waste. Landscapers and builders are very particular about their mulch and compost, and will only use the best.

Step 4

If you are planning on selling to a landscaper or builder, make sure you have enough to warrant the company sending a dump truck to pick it up. In many cases, firms will ask you to deliver. Check with the local nurseries to see what a competitive price is, and be willing to negotiate.

Step 5

If you are a small operation, bag your compost twice a year. You can either haul it to a supplier or run an advertisement in the local classifieds to sell the manure. Again, check with the local nurseries to get a good idea of what to charge. Cheaper is better.

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