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How to Build a Plant Nursery

A plant nursery is a place to nurture young trees, flowers and other plants to take life. Plants in nurseries usually receive extra care and attention to help them grow large and healthy enough to be transplanted in various locations. A plant nursery may be started early each year for a personal garden, or you may build a plant nursery that will provide young plants to consumers and customers within your community.

Start an outdoor nursery for plants that are more cold-hardy, like trees and shrubbery. Till the land of the outdoor nursery--a tractor pull-behind tiller is ideal for large nursery plots.

Re-till the land to mix the compost or fertilizer into the soil of the nursery plot. This ensures that fresh nutrients are added to the soil, nutrients that will help boost the initial growth of the trees and bushes that you plant or transplant into the nursery space.

Use a garden hoe or small garden shovel to dig holes to place plant seeds or seedlings. Dig an appropriate sized hole for the seedling or seed you are planting, many trees and shrubs will come with planting directions.

Cover the seeds or push the soil back in around the seedlings. Apply a cover layer of compost after all nursery trees and shrubs are planted. Applying mulch will help to keep the plant's roots warm in cold months and sustain many outdoor plants in the nursery.

Use a hose to water the newly planted nursery; try to maintain a watering schedule that keeps the nursery soil damp, neither dry nor saturated.

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