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How to Program a Melnor Water Timer

By William Pullman

Many of the plants and vegetables found in gardens require different amounts of water in order to maximize their growth. The time of day when the garden is watered can also have an effect on growth. Keeping up with the watering schedule can be difficult for gardeners, as it requires them to be home at specific times of the day to water their garden. Melnor water timers help save gardeners time by automating the watering process.

Press and release the "Reset" button to clear any saved timer settings in the unit. The timer's motor will operate, closing the valve.

Push the "Watering Start Time" button once for each hour you want to pass before the watering unit turns on. A beep will sound for each hour that is entered into the timer. For example, if its 4 p.m. and you want to begin watering at 6 p.m., press the "Watering Start Time" button two times. If you make a mistake when setting the timer, press the "Reset" button to start over again.

Use the "Watering Duration" button to set the amount of time you want watering to take place. Each time you press the "Watering Duration" button, you will hear a beep and 15 minutes is added to the running time. You can program the water duration to last up to three hours. If you make a mistake, press the "Reset" button and reenter the water duration setting.

Press the "Single/Repeat" button once to use the timer settings for only this day.

Program the timer to use your settings everyday by pressing the "Single/Repeat" button twice. The timer is now set and ready for use.


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