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How to Change the Filters on a Dyson Vacuum

By Dan Aragon ; Updated September 21, 2017

Dyson vacuums are known for simple and effective designs. All of the Dyson model vacuums use a similar filter design. There is a pre-motor filter and a post-motor filter. According to Dyson, the post-motor filter should last for the life of the vacuum and does not need to be changed or washed. The pre-motor filter is washable and hast a life span of three to four years; it can be changed easily.

Remove the clear bin assembly from the body of the vacuum by pressing on the release button at the top of the clear bin.

Remove the plastic cap that is just below the clear bin assembly. The filter is located under that cap and can be removed without the use of any tools. There are three plastic tabs that hold it in place: one in front and one on each side. Pull out on the side tabs and then pull out on the front tab. The filter cap will pop up.

Pull the filter out by pinching the edge at two points across from each other and pulling upward. The filter has a rubber seal on it so it has a tight fit and must be pulled straight up.

Clean the area inside the filter cavity and then insert the new filter, making sure to press it into place evenly.

Replace the filter cap by placing the back of the cap into the main body of the vacuum first and then pressing down on the front of the cap to engage the front tab. The two side tabs usually snap in but you should press down on the side to ensure it is snapped on securely.

Re-install the clear bin assembly and you are ready to start vacuuming.


Things You Will Need

  • One new pre-motor filter (based on Dyson model)


  • According to Dyson, the pre-motor filter is washable using clear water.
  • Since there are several models of Dyson vacuums, you should check the Dyson website for your specific model.


  • According to Dyson, unplug the vacuum from the electric outlet before doing any work on the machine.


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