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How to Hook Up a Pool Heater

By Johnathan Cronk ; Updated September 21, 2017

A swimming pool heater is a great addition to your pool's plumbing system. Because the water is heated, you will be able to enjoy more swim time in your pool. The water heater is installed outside the pool between the pool filter and pool. The pool pump cycles the water through the pool filter, into the water heater, the heater warms the water and then cycles it back into the pool. The addition of a pool heater to your pool system takes only a few steps.

Test the water with a pH test kit and add the necessary chemicals to balance the water. This ensures that your pool heater runs efficiently.

Turn the pool pump off. Clean the pool filter and skimmer to avoid the new pool heater becoming clogged. Ensure that all debris has been removed, such as sticks and leaves.

Decide where to place the pool heater. Place the heater on level ground about three feet from the pool filter. Use a leveling tool to make sure the area is level. If it is not level, use cylinder blocks to create a level area.

Use a piece of PVC pipe to attach the pool filter return valve and the inlet valve on the pool heater. The pool filter return valve is located on the side of the filter opposite the pool pump. Cut the PVC pipe using a sharp cutting blade or a small saw.

Use another piece of PVC pipe to attach the outlet valve on the pool heater to the return valve on the side of the pool.

Turn the pool filter back on and wait for the water to cycle through. Set the thermostat on the pool heater to your desired temperature.


Things You Will Need

  • Pool heater
  • Leveling tool
  • Cylinder blocks
  • PVC piping
  • Small saw or sharp knife

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