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How to Lay Circular Brick for a Patio

Brick patios add an elegance to almost any landscape. Whether paired with a wooden deck or simply adorned by shrubbery, a brick patio offers aesthetic value and durability.

A common landscape element, the brick patio can be accentuated by incorporating a circular pattern. A circular patio softens the hard linear designs of many landscapes.

Laying a Circular Brick Patio

Plan the patio. Before constructing the patio you must plan the layout. Start by calculating the location and diameter of the patio. Plan to purchase about five bricks per square foot. Be sure to use "SW" grade bricks that are able to withstand severe weather.

Layout the diameter. The first step in constructing a circular patio is laying out the diameter. Drive a wooden stake into the ground in the place where the center of the patio should be. Attach a string to the stake and measure out a length of half the patio's diameter. Mark the entire diameter with spray paint, using the string as a guide.

Prepare the base. Excavate and level the area inside the circle to a depth of about 7 inches. Next, add a 4-inch layer of gravel. Level and compact the layer with a hand tamper. Last, add a 1-inch layer of sand over the gravel. Level and compact.

Lay the bricks. Begin at the center, laying bricks in a circular pattern. Using circular brick pavers will ensure that no cuts are necessary, making the process much less labor intensive. Periodically check for level and continue to work outward until the entire area of the patio is filled.

Install edging if desired. If you would like to add a finished look and extra measure of stability to your brick patio, install snap edging. Wrap the edging around the patio and drive 10-inch spikes through the holes to secure it.

Fill the joints. Sweep a layer of fine sand over the patio to fill the crevices. Moisten to settle the sand. Repeat the process until all of the joints are packed and the bricks are tightly secured.

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