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How to Kill Cycad Blue Butterfly Larvae

Cycad blue butterfly larvae can wreak havoc on cycad plants. A particularly bad infestation can cause the plant to wither and die. Treating the plant with the right kind of insecticide at the proper time can reduce the number of cycad larvae and thus prevent irreparable harm to your garden. To prevent the larvae from emerging and eating your cycad plants, apply the insecticide before the eggs hatch.

Make two separate insecticide solutions. In a spray bottle, combine the solution with water. In a bowl, mix the insecticide with water and add a few drops of dish soap. The soap will help you spread the solution on individual leaves.

Spray the insecticide mixture on your plants. Avoid the roots, as the synthetic pyrethoid can damage them.

Coat each leaf with the mixture of insecticide, soap and water. Go leaf by leaf, and be thorough.

Repeat this process every two days until the leaves of the cycad plant have matured and turned dark green. Cycad blue butterflies will lay eggs on plants whose leaves have not matured fully.


Dilute the insecticide below the recommended dose when treating young cycad plants, as the chemical can be fatal to them. Another method of protecting cycads from cycad blue butterflies is to cover them with mosquito netting.

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