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How to Keep Wasps & Hornets Away From Screen Doors

Wasps and hornets can be troubling creatures, especially when they won't leave you alone. Screened-in porches are optimal environments for these pests because there is plenty of room to roost, build nests, burrow, find food and avoid harsh weather. But to get into a properly sealed screened in porch, wasps and hornets must find a way in. This typically happens right through the screen door, which is why these pests tend to congregate there. There is an inexpensive, practical way to keep wasps and hornets away from the screen door.

Blinding the Pests

Fill the sandwich bags ½ to ¾ of the way full with water.

Unwind the clothes hangers and bend again so a hook forms on the end with ample wire left over at the top.

Attach a knife to the top of the bag to provide a spot for attaching the bag to the hanger hook.

Hook the bag on the hanger, and wrap the other end of the hanger around a beam or post near the screen door. Or, if you prefer, set the water bags on a flat surface. The sunlight reflects off the water and into the eyes of the wasps and hornets, repelling them. Wasps and hornets do not like bright lights, let alone lights in their eyes.

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