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How to Fix Tiled Swimming Pool Leaks

By Jessica Jewell
Tiled swimming pools are unmatched in beauty.
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A swimming pool is a valuable addition to any home, especially if it is lined with well-crafted tile. Whether made from ceramics, stone or even glass, swimming pool tile adds not only monetary value but also an unmatched aesthetic quality. General upkeep of tiled swimming pools is no different than pools built with other materials. One upkeep concern for pool owners is a leaking pool. A leaking tiled swimming pool can be easily fixed with the proper sealing materials. Sealing materials vary in brand and price, but most will work effectively and quickly to fix your leaking tile.

Sealing a Leaking Tile Pool With Epoxy

Safely locate the leak in the pool tile.

Squeeze the bottle of epoxy directly onto the crack in the tile. You can do this while underwater, as the epoxy will not wash away. If the crack is not on the tile but in the tile grout, simply squeeze the epoxy on top of the leaking grout.

Gently smooth the epoxy onto the surface of the cracked tile with a gloved hand.

Allow the epoxy to set for at least 45 minutes before touching it to see if the leak has been adequately sealed.

Sealing a Leaking Tile Pool With a Rubber-Based Sealant

Safely locate the leak in the pool tile.

Squeeze the tube of rubber sealant directly onto the leak or cracked tile grout. You can smooth the rubber sealant directly with your hand underwater. It should cure in a few minutes.

If the tile cracked widely, you may need to perform Step 2 several times, and the curing time for the sealant will increase.

Sealing a Leaking Tile Pool With Putty

Safely locate the leak in the pool tile.

Squeeze a small amount of the putty directly onto the crack in the tile or grout. Do not touch the putty with your hands.

Wait at least 20 minutes before checking to see if the putty has successfully sealed the leak.


Things You Will Need

  • Swimming goggles
  • Pool epoxy
  • Rubber sealant
  • Sealing putty
  • Rubber gloves


  • If the leak is deep underwater, it may be helpful to wear swimming goggles while you are working.


  • As always, take the appropriate safety cautions when working underwater.

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