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How to Patch an Intex Swimming Pool Air Ring

By Shelly Schumacher

Intex Easy Set pools are known for simple setup and maintenance. The surface is a durable rubber product that resists damage and stands up to regular use. However, even the strongest pool surface can be damaged over time. The most common area to sustain puncture holes on an Easy Set pool is the top inflatable ring. Without the capability to hold air, the pool will lose water and eventually collapse. Repairing an Easy Set pool ring is an quick task, requiring only a few minutes and common household tools.

Inflate the top ring on the Easy Set pool using an air pump. This will make it easier to find the area that needs repair.

Mark the damaged area using a marker. Be sure the marker does not have a sharp tip so you don't cause additional damage to the pool ring.

Cut a round patch from the clear vinyl patching material that comes with your Easy Set pool. The patch should cover the hole completely and leave at least 1/4 inch overlap.

Apply patching adhesive around the punctured area on the pool ring as well as to the round patch.

Wait ten minutes for the adhesive to cure.

Place the patch over the hole and smooth it to the surface of the ring, rubbing from the middle of the patch to the outside edges. This will remove any air bubbles from under the surface of the patch and create a tight bond.

Fill the ring with air after the patch has dried for at least 12 hours.


Things You Will Need

  • Air pump
  • Marker
  • Repair patch kit
  • Scissors


  • If you are patching a hole in the air ring before the pool has been set up, place a heavy object over the patched surface. This will create a stronger bond.


  • Always keep sharp objects away from the pool surface to prevent additional holes.


About the Author


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