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How to Get Rid of Bee Hives

By James B. Jones

While bees can be quite useful in pollinating the plants in your garden, having bee hives near your house can be a real nuisance and the constant buzzing of nearby bees can keep just about anyone on edge, especially those who have acute allergies to bees. Removing a bee hive is not a particularly hard task, but it is a somewhat dangerous one that if done improperly can leave you with more than a few sore welts on your arms.

Locate where the bees are coming from. Often beehives can be found under gutters, inside infrequently used sheds or nestled in the interior corners of awnings.

Dress yourself in clothes that will protect you from bee stings. Multiple layers of sweaters will do the job well, as will denim, as the fabric is dense. Also wear protective gloves and a mask.

Spray the insecticide on the bees' nest. Do this during the evening or at night, as the bees will be slower to react, giving you more time to get away from the swarm that will spill out of the nest.

Repeat this process for two to three days to guarantee that as many bees have fled the hive as possible.

Remove the bee hive. After spraying the hive with insecticide it is safe to remove the hive with your hands, provided you wear gloves. Once you remove the hive, it is strongly recommended that you destroy it so the bees won't return.


Things You Will Need

  • Insecticide
  • Protective clothing


  • If you are allergic to bee stings, call a professional bee keeper to handle this procedure.


  • Be sure to wear protective clothing during this process. Not doing so runs the risk of both excessive bee stings and contamination from the insecticide.

About the Author


James B. Jones, a former United States Army M.P., has been a full-time writer in the fields of consumer electronics and video games since 2006. Walker has had his articles published on several gaming and technology websites, and has made frequent appearances on All Games Radio.