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How to Build Adirondack Chairs Out of Skis

Recycle your old skis and preserve your skiing memories by transforming a wooden Adirondack chair into a ski chair. Start by constructing the base of a traditional Adirondack chair, then customize it with skis.

Remove the bindings from the skis. Most modern bindings can be removed with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Cut the skis for the back of the chair. The two center slats should measure 37 inches long from the tip. Cut two more skis 33 ½ inches from the tip and cut the last two skis 30 inches from the tip.

Cut the skis for the seat of the chair. Take the six ends you have left and trim to 21 inches from your first cut. (You can save the tails you have left for another project, such as a matching side table or footrest.)

Construct the body of the chair. Follow the directions on the plans to cut and assemble the wood parts of your chair.

Begin the back. Use a No. 8 bit with a counterside to drill a hole on each side of the cut end of the two longest skis you cut for the back. Drill a second set of holes 12 ¼ inches up from the cut end. Use 1-inch square head stainless deck screws to attach these two pieces to the wooden frame of the chair.

Finish the back. Lay out the remaining four back pieces as they will appear on the back. Drill one hole in the bottom of each ski on the side that will reset closest to the center of the chair. Attach the first two pieces on either side of the center back. Once they’re in place, drill the remaining holes in the bottom of the slats and higher up in the proper location to attach to the wood frame. Drilling the holes freehand ensures a tighter fit.

Assemble the seat. Use the templates from your plan to drill the holes for the seat slats. Attach the pieces to the wooden frame.


Use a metal cutting carbide blade to cut the skis. You can trim the chair with additional ski pieces on the armrests.


Be sure to file down all sharp edges until smooth.

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