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How to Clean Rust From the Bottom of Pools

By Shelley Kishpaugh
Clean Rust From the Bottom of Pools

Rust stains in pools can come from a variety of sources. Sometimes, the stains come from naturally occurring metals in the water. Another source of rust stains can be a metal object forgotten on the bottom of the pool. The chemicals in the water can cause a metal toy or other object to corrode far faster than it might in the open air, causing staining on the bottom of your pool. Another source of rusty-looking stains can be leaves or other organic debris decomposing on the bottom of your pool. Regardless of the source of the stain, here are some removal tips.

Use the rust-removing chemical to see if this technique will remove your stains. This is by far the least labor-intensive method of stain removal, so it is well worth trying first. If this technique does not work, go on to Step 2.

Attach the pool sanding block to the end of your pool pole with the rubber bands.

Use the pool pole with the sanding block to rub out the stain on the bottom of the pool. It may not be possible to get enough force behind the sanding block, given the flexibility of the pole, but since this method does not require you to be holding your breath on the bottom, it is worth trying before moving on. If this technique does not work, move on to the next step.

Use either the sanding block or the wet/dry sandpaper to sand the stain off the bottom of the pool while holding your breath and going down to the bottom. This technique definitely will work, but it is the most labor intensive of all of them.


Things You Will Need

  • Rust removing chemicals (your pool supply store has these)
  • Sanding block for pools
  • Wet/dry sandpaper
  • Pool pole (such as for the pool net or bottom brush)
  • Rubber bands

About the Author


Shelley Kishpaugh has written numerous articles for Demand Studios and Helium on a wide variety of topics, and she is currently writing a children's book. Kishpaugh received a B.S. in psychology from the University of Colorado and has been writing professionally since 2007.