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How to Grow Jimson Weed

By James Clark

Jimson weed (officially known by the Latin name Datura Stramonium but also known as stinkweed) is found throughout North America. Its two main ingredients are the alkaloids scopolamine and atropine. Jimson weed is characterized by its height (it can reach up to five feet) and by its seeds. which are prickly to the touch and burst open during the fall. Jimson weed has been used for the medical treatment of diarrhea, cramps and asthma, but is poisonous if too much is ingested. Jimson weed requires merely sunlight and water to grow, and is very easy to maintain. Follow these steps to grow your own Jimson weed.

How to Grow Jimson Weed

Obtain some Jimson weed seeds (available anywhere where Jimson weed grows, primarily in Texas and the western states of America). If you can not find Jimson weed in your area, it is available for purchase online.

In the spring, plant the Jimson weed seeds in directly the ground. Special soil is not needed, but be sure that you plant it where there is enough sunlight for the weed to grow.

Water the Jimson weed twice weekly during the spring and fall, and once weekly during the summer.

Jimson weed will bloom in the fall. To sustain the life of your weed, prune it when it blooms and remove the seeds (which look like little prickly flowers) when they develop.


Things You Will Need

  • Jimson weed seeds
  • sunlight
  • water


  • Jimson weed can be poisonous and its contents should not be used for medicinal purposes without discussion with your healthcare provider.

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