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How to Take Care of a Plant

By Pamela Gardapee
Take Care of a Plant

Knowing how to take care of a plant will mean that the plant stays healthy and continues to grow. Without proper care, the plant will die or its growth will be stunted. But all plants are not the same. Some plants grow in low light and some grow in sunlight only. Some plants need more care than others, but all plants need some amount of attention.

Add water to the plant soil. Each plant has a different water need. Some plants need a damp soil all the time, while some need to have the soil dry between watering. You can use a water monitoring meter that you stick in the soil to check the wetness of the soil for accurate results.

Place the plant in the proper light. Each plant species has a different light need. Select the best location for plants that need direct sunlight, indirect sunlight or no sunlight at all and just light in the home. For instance, the Lipstick plant grows well in a north window with minimum light.

Add fertilizer to the soil. Some plants require a fertilizer that is specific to the type of species. For instance, the African Violet needs African Violet food and the Bonsais needs Bonsais food, while others can use the all plant food variety. Fertilize as per the instructions.

Keep the temperature ideal for the plant. Every plant has a different temperature need. This means you may need to keep your home or sunroom at the ideal temperature for all plants. Try to have plants that fit into the same temperature need.

Choose a pot that is best for the plant. Some plants need to have their roots bound before they will blossom or produce offspring. Some plants will need a larger pot so the roots have plenty of room and do not become bound. Each plant has a different specification for its roots.

Check the humidity need of each plant. Some plants will need to have a water-holding tray on the bottom so its roots can have the humidity that is needed. The Orchid is a plant that needs this type of humidity.


Things You Will Need

  • Fertilizer that meets the needs of the specific plant Watering can Water monitoring meter


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