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How to Take Care of a Pixie Lily

Alceu Arasaki

Pixie lilies are a dwarf variety of Asiatic lily ideally suited for growing in pots and garden containers. Pixie lily bulbs may also be planted directly into garden soil in temperate climates. The plants are less than 2 feet tall and add bright color spots to the springtime garden. pixie lilies will continue to grow and bloom year after year when properly mulched for winter. These small, exotic-looking plants can have a place in your garden or patio as long as you take care of them properly.

Provide plenty of sunlight. Ensure that pixie lilies in garden pots are placed in a sunny location. Pixie lilies planted directly in the garden should be located in a spot with direct sun or semi-shade.

Water when the soil becomes slightly dry. The root system of a pixie lily in a garden pot or container dries out quickly and often requires daily watering. Continue routine watering after blooms fade to ensure the lily bulbs remain viable. Keep soil moist but not soggy.

Mulch well with shredded leaves and compost to keep the soil acidic and retain moisture. Surround a 6-inch area around the base of the stems with a thick layer of mulch and replenish it throughout the gardening season. Clip off the stems at ground level in the autumn and cover with 4 to 6 inches of mulch for protection during the winter.

Fertilize with a slow-release phosphorous rich fertilizer. Pixie lilies typically bloom in May and June, so add fertilizer in the early spring and again when the blossoms begin to form.

Spray the pixie lily plants with a mix of garlic water, cayenne pepper and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Use this mixture at least once a week beginning when the plants are 4 inches high to eliminate aphids, beetles and pests.

Cut Pixie lily flowers to bring indoors with sharp garden sheers or scissors. Leave at least 1/2 of the stem on the plant to provide nutrition that will sustain the bulb for future growth. Remove dead blossoms from the lily plants by carefully snipping them off with garden shears

Divide pixie lily bulbs when the leaves turn yellow after the second year of growth. Loosen the soil with a garden trowel, taking care not to puncture the bulbs. Clip the plant off, leaving 1 inch of stem attached to the bulb. Separate the bulbs that have multiplied. Wipe off any soil and place the bulbs on a cool, dark shelf for three months before replanting.


Pixie lily flowers do not have a scent.

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