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How to Clean a Pool With a Hayward Star Swimming Pool Pump

By David Barnes

There are two ways to clean a swimming pool using the Star series Hayward pool pump: brushing and vacuuming. Brushing the pool surface removes the dirt and debris from the walls and floor of the pool so the pump can pull it into the filtering system and remove it. Vacuuming the pool's floor sucks dirt and debris directly through the pool skimmer and into the filtering system. Alternating these cleaning techniques periodically insures the benefits of both methods.

Brushing the Pool

Make sure the Hayward pool pump is running. All inground pools have either diverter valves in the skimmer or gate valves installed on the suction side of the pool pump to control water flow. Turn the valves so all the water flow pulls from the main drain at the bottom of the pool. Though the common term is "main drain," it's really a suction line connected to the filtering system, and not a drain at all.

Attach the pool brush to the telescopic pole and begin brushing down the sides of the pool all the way around the perimeter. Use slow, steady, overlapping strokes to brush from the top all the way down the wall. When you've brushed the pool walls and steps all the way around, pause for a few moments to let all the debris settle on the bottom of the pool.

Use the time waiting for the debris to settle to test the pool water chemical balance. Record your readings, but wait until after finishing the cleaning process to add chemicals.

Resume brushing when all debris has settled. Start at the shallow end and brush everything in the direction of the main drain. Use overlapping, smooth strokes to push the debris toward the main drain without stirring it up into the water again. The technique is just like sweeping dirt toward a dust pan on the sidewalk. With the Hayward pump's strong pull, you should see the debris being sucked into the main drain as you work closer to it. Brush all the way around the deep end, always pushing the brush slowly and steadily toward the main drain until all the debris disappears into it.

Check the Hayward pump's basket for leaves or other debris pulled in from the main drain. The pump's clear Lexan lid makes it easy to see whether the pump basket is clean or not. If it's clogged with debris, turn off the pump and empty the basket.

Vacuuming the Pool

Check the water flow while the Hayward pump is running. Set the diverter or gate valves so all the water pulls through the skimmer. The pool vacuum works entirely from the flow through the line at the bottom of the skimmer well. Remove the skimmer basket to expose this line.

Attach the vacuum head to the telescopic pole. Push one end of the vacuum hose onto the vacuum head. Put this entire assembly into the water and begin feeding the remaining vacuum hose straight down into the water forcing all the air out of the hose as you feed it into the pool. It's important to avoid air pockets in the hose so you don't lose the pump's prime when connecting the hose to the skimmer line.

Check the free end of the vacuum hose when you've fed all of the hose into the water. If there are no air pockets in the hose, water will flow out of the end of the hose when you hold it just above the water level. Attach the hose to the skimmer suction line by passing it through the skimmer well in the pool's side wall and pushing it down into the suction hole at the bottom of the skimmer.

Vacuum the pool just as you would mow a lawn. Standing at one end of the pool, push the vacuum all the way across in a straight line. Pull the vacuum back toward you on the return stroke, overlapping your first stroke slightly. If the pool is dirty enough to vacuum, you will be able to see the path you have made on the first stroke. Continue these back and forth, overlapping strokes until you've covered the entire bottom of the pool.

Disconnect the hose from the skimmer before pulling the vacuum assembly out of the water. Coil the hose on the deck to form a compact roll so you can store it (out of sunlight). Check the Hayward pump's basket for trapped debris by looking through the clear Lexan lid to determine whether you need to turn off the pump and clean the basket.


Things You Will Need

  • Telescoping aluminum pool pole
  • One 18-inch or 24-inch pool brush
  • One wheeled vacuum head
  • Pool vacuum hose long enough to reach from inside the skimmer to the farthest corner of the pool bottom (35 foot length for most pools)