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How to Replace a Sprinkler Control Valve

The control valve on your sprinkler is the device that controls how much water is passing through your sprinkler system. Replacing a sprinkler control valve is not a difficult home improvement job, especially if you already know where the current control valve is and are able to access it easily. There are several types of control valves, but the most common, and easiest to use, is a ready-made manifold system. These are the most popular and easy to work with because you will not have to actually cut or remove any pipe to replace them.

Turn the water supply to your home off before beginning this project by locating the water intake valve into your home and turning the water valve to the left.

Locate your current manifold control valve. This will be located right at the hose bibb, which is the end of the hose where the water would typically flow out.

Remove your old control valve. Most valves are held together with threaded unions that you will be able to unscrew and detach with your hands. But if it seems stuck, use a wrench to get it started, and continue the process with your hands. Next, disconnect the other side of the control valve the same way, which will be connected to the shutoff valve.

Install your new manifold control valve system for your sprinkler. Reattach the valve to the hose bibb by securing it the same way you removed the old valve. Once you get it tightened with your hands, secure it with your wrench, just to make sure you don’t end up with a leak.

Connect your control valve system to the actual sprinkler pipes. Turn the water supply to your sprinkler system back on. Test your new control valve to make sure everything is working properly.

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