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How to Clean an Inground Pool With a Vinyl Liner

By Carole Ellis

Certain care must be taken when cleaning a pool with a vinyl liner. The liner might seem tough, but if you do not clean it with caution, a puncture can occur. A punctured liner can destroy your pool entirely, leaving you with a large, cumbersome backyard leisure object that is very difficult to repair or dispose of. Make sure that you use the proper tools and equipment when cleaning your vinyl liner to ensure that you can enjoy your inground pool for many years to come. If your pool is not yet drained, you will need to do this first in order to clean the liner yourself.

Create your cleaning solution in the bucket. Using about half of your kitchen cleanser, mix a bucket of water and cleanser together. After you have poured in the cleanser to the level of about a third of the way up the bucket, fill the rest of the bucket with water.

Start scrubbing the liner. You should be able to work from the side of the pool. Dip your soft bristled broom inside of this cleaning mix, and starting from the top, begin to scrub the liner gently. You will be able to see dirt and grime start coming away.

Work your way around the pool. Always work from the top down, and be careful to scrub the liner thoroughly, but always gently. Re-dip your broom in the cleaning mix frequently.

Finish up by scrubbing the bottom of the pool. Be very careful while you do this part bcause the bottom will get slippery while you scrub it. Start out in the deep end and work your way to the shallow end so that you can get out mor easily when you are finished.

Rinse the entire pool with the hose. If you have missed a place, feel free to scrub it out, and then rinse again. You should be liberal with the water when you are rinsing to make sure that you have removed all traces of bleach and detergent.


Things You Will Need

  • One bucket of water
  • Kitchen cleanser with bleach
  • A broom with soft bristles
  • Gloves
  • Garden hose


  • Make sure that you are wearing sturdy shoes that have good tread, like tennis shoes, but that will not damage the liner, as steel toed boots might.