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How to Build a Wading Pool

By Curtis Fease

Many people want an area in their yard where they can just relax. This often requires the addition of a swimming pool, but a wading pool is often more economical and just as relaxing. Professionally installed wading pools, however, can become very expensive. With just a few items, however, it is possible to build your own wading pool that is just as satisfying as a professional one.

Build a Wading Pool

Find a suitable location for your wading pool. The area must be completely level. Other than a level area, it also helps to find a place that is free of sharp objects that could puncture your heavyweight plastic sheet.

Clear the area where you want your wading pool located. Make sure all rocks, sticks, bricks or any other objects that may damage your plastic are removed. Ensure that you clear out an area large enough for the size of the wading pool you want.

Lay your railroad ties on the area that you want your wading pool located. It would be beneficial to have a friend help move the ties. Make sure that the ties you are using don't have any sharp objects protruding out of them. The ties will need to be placed in a square, and should be located 2 feet inside of the area that you cleared for your wading pool.

Lay the heavy plastic out over your four railroad ties. If there isn't enough plastic to cover the entire area, with room to spare, you may need to bring the ties in closer. Press the plastic down into the inside area of the ties. Make the plastic flat on the ground and against the ties. There should still be enough plastic to go over the ties and touch the ground on the other side of the ties. Run your hands over the plastic that is inside of the ties and feel for any objects under the plastic that may puncture your plastic. Remove any objects that you find.

Anchor the edges of the plastic around the ties using either heavy blocks or bricks. This is necessary so that the water's weight will not cause the plastic to pull into the wading pool.

Use the water hose to fill up the wading pool. Fill the wading pool about 6" high and then check the plastic for any leaks. Continue filling the wading pool (after ensuring there are no leaks) until it has reached your preferred water level.


Things You Will Need

  • 4 Railroad ties (or other long, heavy objects) Large bricks or blocks (enough to go around all railroad ties) 1 Sheet of heavy plastic (3-7m thick) Water hose


  • Pool stones can be layered on the top and sides of the ties for a more aesthetic look.


  • Be aware that the grass under the wading pool may die, so choose your area accordingly.

About the Author


Curtis Fease started writing professionally in 2007. He has a dual bachelor's degree in psychology and criminal justice from Augusta State University.