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How to Build a Potting Bench

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How to build a potting bench

Potting benches make life much easier for the gardener. There is no single correct way to build a potting bench. Depending on how much space is needed for a working surface or for storage, you can design your potting bench to fit into your garden style or work style. Here are some ideas that can get you started on how to build a potting bench.

You can make the simplest potting bench by just placing a piece of plywood across two saw horses. It is cheap, collapsible and will function fine with a couple of big plastic troughs for mixing soils. Or you can create a colorfully painted potting bench with a roof, shelves and storage space that makes a working space into an ornamental garden structure.

First you need to situate your potting bench. Decide where it will be convenient for you to access and where will it fit well into the design of your garden. If it will be tucked away out of sight, then you don't need to worry what it will look like and utility will be your priority. If it will be in full view, you may want to build something attractive or even decorative for the landscape.

Think about how you will use your potting bench. If you want storage, consider adding shelving below and maybe up the sides. Would it be convenient to hang tools from hooks on a backboard? Does it rain a lot so you'd appreciate a roof or overhang? Do you use enough soil that it would be useful to build in a permanent soil bin into the side of your potting bench? Think about if you'd like doors to close, or lattice to divide areas of your potting bench. Do you want it made from wood or vinyl? There are many ways to design a potting bench. Think it over first and sketch out your idea before you start to build.

If you want to build your own, you can find plenty of ideas in magazines, books or on the internet to stimulate your creativity. You can invent your own potting bench, download a plan from the internet, or buy a potting bench ready-made from your local garden center or from a site on the internet.

Some sites offer really nice plans for building a potting bench and the designs are absolutely free! For more information on how to build a potting bench -- including those free plans -- see the links below listed under 'Resources'.


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