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How to Fuel a Poulan Wild Thing Chain Saw

The Poulan Wild Thing Chain Saw boasts a powerful 40cc engine with an 18” bar and automatic chain oiler. It is light weight, easy to start and arrives fully assembled. But before you can start cutting like a lumberjack, you’ve got to put fuel into the engine. Like all 2-cycle engines, the Wild Thing Chain Saw requires a special fuel mixture in order to run properly.

Insure the engine of the Poulan Wild Thing chain saw is turned off. Allow the engine to cool. Move the chain saw to an outdoor location. Be sure the location is free of combustible materials, such as leaves, paper and dry grass.

Remove the lid from the container of unleaded gasoline. Set the lid aside. Remove the lid from the 3.2 Oz. container of synthetic 2-cycle engine oil. Set the lid aside. Pour the engine oil into the container of gasoline. Replace the lid on the oil container and dispose of it in an approved trash receptacle.

Replace the lid on the container of gasoline. Shake the container of unleaded gasoline and oil for a few moments to achieve a good mixture. Wipe up any spilled fuel with a rag or paper towel. Dispose of the rag or paper towel in an approved trash receptacle.

Set the Poulan Wild Thing chain saw on its right side with the fuel cap up. Remove the fuel cap by turning it counter clockwise. Set the cap aside.

Remove the cap from the container of gasoline and oil. Set the cap aside. Pour the fuel from the container into the fuel tank on the chain saw until the fuel reaches the desired level. Replace the cap on the fuel container. Replace the fuel cap on the chain saw and tighten it securely. Move the chain saw at least 10 feet from the fueling site before starting.


The Poulan Wild Thing chain saw operates on a 40:1 ratio of gasoline to oil. Poulan recommends the use of Poulan/WEED EATER brand synthetic oil. Always allow the chain saw engine to cool before refueling. Always mix and pour fuel outdoors on bare ground. Always keep fuel in marked, approved containers. Store fuel where vapors cannot reach sources of open flames.


Never smoke while fueling or operating a chain saw. Do not use regular automotive oil to mix with unleaded gasoline. Do not use marine oil to mix with the unleaded gasoline.

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