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How to Pour Concrete Flooring for a Pole Barn

By Contributor

If you put a concrete floor in your pole barn, the barn becomes more versatile and useful. Pouring concrete flooring is tough work and requires a few extra bodies. So, get the gang together, put on the barbecue and don't forget the Ben Gay before you begin your project.

Prepare the pole barn site before you pour concrete flooring. Build a frame for the floor, evaluate the chances the amount of workers, the size of the project and your level of skill before you choose whether you break the job down into smaller areas. If you have a lot of skilled friends, you may decide to do the pour the entire concrete flooring in one weekend.

Dig down into the ground for the flooring form. When you pour concrete flooring for a pole barn, you need the top of the floor to be at ground level for ease of access. Make sure the area grade is appropriate to allow drainage. Use a level to check this.

Select the method you want to use to add concrete. You can mix and pour it yourself, buy it premixed or have a cement truck come with the cement. For a large area, the truck works the best, but is more expensive.

Spray the area with a garden hose before you start to fill it with concrete. Add steel mesh to the interior of the frame before your pour the concrete flooring. The wire gives strength to the concrete.

Pour the concrete into the frame. Spread it around as much as possible and tamp the concrete down. You can tamp smaller areas with a 2 inch by 4 inch piece of wood, but roller tampers are the most useful when you pour concrete flooring and other large areas.

Smooth the concrete. Use a float for the first stage of smoothing and then finish the job with a trowel.

Cut contraction grooves into the concrete. You can use a thin oiled board with a nail in the side to insert into the concrete until it's almost dry. Pull the board out with the nail.


Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Concrete
  • Water
  • Container to mix concrete or premixed concrete delivered
  • Shovel
  • Wood for frame
  • Nails
  • Steel mesh
  • Garden hose
  • Roller tamper
  • Float
  • Trowel

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