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How to Prevent Black Widow Spider Home Infestation

By Contributor

Preventing black widow spider infestation in your home is an important step in protecting yourself from the illnesses and injuries posed by black widow spider bites. Use these tips to sanitize your home and keep black widow spiders out of it.

Familiarize yourself with the appearance of black widow spiders. Make sure you know exactly what a black widow spider looks like so that you will not confuse them with other species of spiders.

Inspect your home for black widows. Check around your house for spiders at night. Black widow spiders are nocturnal and are most likely to be noticed when they are active.

Make sure that windows and doors do not have holes in them. Repair screens if they are in disrepair.

Caulk or find other ways to seal cracks and crevices around your home that are small enough for black widow spiders to crawl through.

Put door sweeps on the bottoms of doors that lead outside. Door sweeps can catch wandering black window spiders and shove them back outdoors where they belong.

Put yellow bulbs in outside light fixtures. Yellow bulbs deter the types of insects that black widow spiders like to eat.

Clean your home. Dust, vacuum and sweep regularly. Rearrange furniture. Reduce clutter. Piles of clothing and old boxes should be organized or eliminated completely. Remove and replace the vacuum's bag after cleaning by wrapping it in a tightly sealed plastic bag and discarding it in an outdoor trashcan away from your home.

Take care of your lawn and garden. Mow your grass before it reaches 3 inches. Keep ivy, vegetation and other plants away from your home's structure and foundation.

Wash the exterior of your home with a powerful spray from a garden hose. Pay special attention to windows and other areas where black widow spiders may spin their webs.

Move wood, rocks and garbage piles away from your home. Keep trash cans at a substantial distance away from your home.

Choose and use insecticides carefully. Consult a home and garden specialist at a hardware store or an exterminator for the best way to chemically remove black widow spiders.


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