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How to Grow Cactus

By Contributor

How to Grow Cactus. Cactus is easy to grow if you have the correct climate and soil. The southwest areas of the United States are obviously the best places to grow cactus. Arid land and sandy soil are a good host for cactus to thrive. Follow the steps below to grow cactus.

Decide whether you want to plant cactus indoors in pots or outdoors as part of the landscaping. Cactus will thrive in either situation.

Choose cactus from a nursery that is healthy looking and does not look withered. You will have better luck in the long run if you start off with a plump and healthy plant.

Find a spot, either indoors or outdoors, that is bright and sunny. Cactus grow best with a lot of direct sunlight.

Plant the cactus in a combination of peat, perlite and sand to get the best outcome from the plant. Water sparingly and only until soil is moist, not wet.

Keep the cactus that you are growing drier in the winter and, if outdoors, it will be safe as long as the temperature doesn't drop below 45 degrees.

Take a small cutting of an offshoot from the cactus plant to produce more plants. Start plantings in small cups filled with a sand, peat and perlite mix. Transfer to pots or the outdoors after they have grown to about three to four inches tall.



  • When the top two to three centimeters of soil that the cactus is planted in becomes dry it is time to water the plant.


  • Do not overwater cactus. You can actually kill the plant with too much water.
  • If you plant cactus in pots, do not let the pots stand in water. The cactus will get waterlogged and die.

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