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How to Start a Strawberry Farm

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

Starting a strawberry farm is a wonderful idea for a specific market. Strawberries are an easy growing crop that can produce prolific amounts of fruit for personal use or for retail sale. Small, customer-pick farms are a growing industry that can provide a second income or supplement an existing farmstead.

Acquire desired amount of land for a strawberry farm. An acre of land can yield 10,000 pounds of strawberries.

Assign an area of land to be used as a parking area and an area for a concession stand. Thirty cars per 1,000 square feet is a rough estimate for parking.

Plant the strawberries 12 to 18 inches apart in rows. Rows must be at least 3 feet apart. Plants must be placed roots straight down and root ball half buried with the remaining root ball exposed. Plant desired amount of strawberry plants on assigned parcel of land. Strawberries require a well drained, slightly less than neutral pH soil in full sun.

Harvest strawberries when ripe or allow consumers to pick.


Things You Will Need

  • Land to grow strawberry crop
  • Strawberry plants


  • Provide additional activities such as a petting zoo, designated children's picking area or a seating area for a customer-pick strawberry farm.
  • Pick strawberries that are completely red.
  • Grasp the strawberry's stem between the thumb and forefinger and pull with a twisting motion to properly remove strawberry.


  • Strawberries bruise very easily, so care must be taken when picking fruit.
  • Do not allow the picker to kneel on or crush any plants while harvesting.
  • Ensure liability insurance is purchased and up to date.

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