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How to Stake a Tree in Five Minutes Using a Brooks Tree Brace

By robsix6
Brooks Tree Brace in Action

Can someone stake a tree in five minutes? Yes. How? Read on.

Obtain a Brooks Tree Brace of the right size. Go to www.brookstreebrace.com to choose a size that will fit your tree. Then go to the Contact Us page to find out where you can buy one, or call them to have one shipped to you.

Approach your tree and close your eyes. Visualize free minutes from now. This photo will work if you aren't in front of your computer.

Take the Brooks Tree Brace by tops of the poles, near the black rubber pads , which will be facing away from you, and lean them on the tree trunk. Spread the legs equally around the tree so that they are about 120 degrees from each other. The foot pads should form a perfect triangle.

Now insert the black straps into the locking mechanism. Pull until they are hand tight. The tightener will be able to get them tighter but remember not to choke your tree. Hand tight will have just enough give so that the brace won't need to be adjusted as the tree grows in the coming months.

Drive the stakes down through the metal foot pads into the ground.

Step back and enjoy. Its really that simple. Enjoy the brace. In 5-8 months comeback and remove the brace and store it in your garage until you need it again.


Things You Will Need

  • Brooks Tree Brace
  • Hammer
  • Grip Tightner (comes with brace)