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Attaching a Hanging Planter to a Cinder Block Fence

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Many yards are surrounded by concrete cinder block fences. While they are fantastic at providing privacy, they are not generally attractive. Adding hanging plants to your concrete cinder block fence is one way to soften its look and brighten the entire area. But it is slightly more complicated to attach plant hangers to a concrete cinder block wall than to one made of a softer material. Masonry anchors solve this problem. To buy masonry anchors that will be strong enough, weigh each plant and divide the weight by the number of provided screw holes in each plant hanging hook. Select masonry anchors that can each support this much static shear load and are small enough to fit through the holes of your plant hangers.

Step 1

Place the plant hanger against the wall and arrange it until you are satisfied with where it is. Use a level to ensure the hanger is plumb and level. Draw a dot inside each screw hole at the base of the hanger using chalk, and then pull the hanger away to check you can see the marks on the concrete cinder blocks.

Step 2

Check the diameter of the masonry anchors and attach a masonry drill bit of the same diameter to your drill. Drill a hole at each chalk mark that is slightly deeper than the length of the anchors. Wipe away masonry dust from the surface of the wall with a rag after you have finished drilling.

Step 3

Fit a masonry anchor into each prepared hole. Hammer the anchors in until they are flush with the surrounding wall. Remove the masonry bit from the drill and attach a screw bit appropriate for the screws you are using.

Step 4

Place the plant hanger against the wall and line up the screw holes with the anchors. Drill a screw into each anchor. Tug down gently on the hanger to ensure it is securely affixed, and then hang your plant.

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