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How to Build a Loader for a Garden Tractor

By Emma Nichols ; Updated September 21, 2017
Attach a loader to your garden tractor to transport materials like dirt and cement.
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A loader is a bucket on the front of a garden tractor that allows you to pick up and move materials around, including dirt and cement. This allows you to transport heavy materials when working on a garden without having to carry them. Many garden tractors, however, do not come with loaders. You can attach an aftermarket loader to your garden tractor to make gardening and landscaping easier.

Place the ballast box on a large flat surface outdoors.

Drive the garden tractor slowly forward until it is against the ballast box. Make sure all hitch points are lined up.

Turn the tractor off.

Install all draft links to the garden tractor using the quick-lock pins on the draft links.

Line up the centermost draft link with the highest hole in the ballast box's mounting strap. Attach the ballast box to the garden tractor using the included mounting tools.

Place the loader on a nearby large flat surface outdoors.

Turn all latches on the loader up and place them into the corresponding slots on the loader.

Turn the tractor on.

Drive the tractor slowly, with the ballast box now attached, to the loader so the garden tractor is lined up with the loader.

Turn off the tractor.

Line up all masts on the loader with the tractor's rear frames.

Attach the hydraulic hoses on the loader to the ports on the garden tractor using the provided color code.

Turn the tractor back on.

Pull the lift cylinders back completely so the front wheels are raised off the ground. This will connect all masts with the mounting frame that you previously aligned.

Lower the latch handle on the upper left side of the loader until it falls into the hole under it to lock the latch plate in.

Turn off the garden tractor.

Bring the latch retainer down. Mount the retainer in place using the provided pin and spring pin. The loader is now fully attached to the garden tractor.


Things You Will Need

  • Ballast box
  • Draft links with quick-lock pins
  • Loader


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