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How to Replace Cub Cadet Steering Bushing

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If you have ruled out the common steering problems on your Cub Cadet mower, such as poor air pressure in the tires or misalignment, the steering bushing may be worn and in need of replacement. Some mechanical know-how and some basic shop tools and supplies are required to replace the bushing. Steering bushings on Cub Cadet mowers are located just below the gear linkage. It is necessary to remove the entire steering assembly from the bottom to replace the bushings.

Park the Cub Cadet on a flat surface where you have plenty of room to work. Make sure the wheels are straight. Remove the key, and disconnect the spark plug prior to commencing work.

Remove the steering wheel by releasing the cover plate in the center of the steering wheel. Pry the plate off with a screwdriver. Remove the self-tapping screw and washer holding the wheel to the shaft with a wrench or socket.

Remove the steering column shaft. Try to unscrew it with pliers or wrench. Spray lubricating fluid on it to loosen it, if necessary. If you have a wheel puller, use it instead of the pliers or wrench.

Shut off the fuel line at the tank. Remove the fuel tank and line carefully with wrenches so the steering assembly can be accessed more easily.

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Remove the steering assembly by removing the nuts and bolts holding it in place with the socket or wrench set. Use lubricating fluid, if necessary, to loosen it.

Remove the nylon nuts holding the bushings with socket or wrench. They are located under the drag link arms, under the drive gear.

Remove the worn bushings, and replace them with new bushings. Make sure you have the appropriate bushings for the particular Cub Cadet model you have.

Replace the steering assembly in reverse order of how it was removed.

Reinstall the fuel tank and line. Reattach the fuel line at the tank.

Reinstall all components, steering shaft and wheel. Spray each part with lubricating oil prior to re-installation.

Test the steering assembly and turning radius on your Cub Cadet to determine whether the bushing replacement was a success.


Remember to reconnect the spark plug before attempting to check your repair.


Removing the steering assembly is a time-consuming task. The replacement of the bushing is relatively inexpensive, but factor in the time required when determining whether it is a job that should be performed by a professional. Always disconnect power by removing the spark plug wire prior to working on the mower.

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