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How to Transfer Lucky Bamboo From a Pot to a Vase

By Diane Perez ; Updated September 21, 2017
Lucky bamboo is not a bamboo plant.

Lucky bamboo is the common name for Dracaena Sanderiana, of the lily family. It is an excellent choice for indoor areas with bright light, such as near a sliding glass door or sunny window. Lucky bamboo is an attractive plant that needs minimal care. It grows taller somewhat differently than other houseplants. The stalks stop growing when you prune them. The stalk propagates sprouts that increase the plant’s height. If you decide to trim the sprouts, or to cut the stalk into two pieces, you can transfer lucky bamboo from a pot to a vase. It grows well in soil or water.

Step 1

Place small garden pebbles in the bottom of the vase and fill it halfway with water. Dracaena sanderiana is adversely sensitive to fluoride in tap water. When buying bottled water, check the label for its source, as some bottled water is nothing more than tap water.

Step 2

Remove your lucky bamboo plant from the pot. Loosen the edges of the soil with a soft spatula, and then tilt the flowerpot sideways to slide out the plant. Use your fingers to gently remove soil from the roots.

Step 3

Trim sprouts from the bottom of the stalk using sharp pruning shears. Dull pruning shears tear the plant’s fibers, allowing bacteria to enter the wound. Prune until no leaves are left below water level. While the stalks grow well in water, the leaves will rot.

Step 4

Cut the stalk if you want a shorter plant. Otherwise, skip this step. When cutting the stalk, choose the area just below the node. The node looks like a little bump on the stalk. Roots grow from the node of plant stalks, so be careful not to cut into it. You can cut the stalk either straight or angled, whichever you prefer.

Step 5

Transfer the cuttings to the vase. Choose sprouts that have two or more leaf points, as these should have enough stored energy to grow roots. A healthy plant only needs water. However, if your lucky bamboo is in less than its ideal state, then add rooting hormone according to package directions. Arrange pebbles to hold the sprouts in an upright position.

Step 6

Check the water level and add more, if necessary.


Things You Will Need

  • Vase
  • Small garden pebbles
  • Bottled water
  • Spatula
  • Pruning shears

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