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How to Install the Attachment Snow Blower to a John Deere X540

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The John Deere X540 is a tractor designed to work on multiple types of terrain and has an automatic transmission with differential lock. It has power steering and the engine is a 23.5 horsepower motor. The tractor can be attached to a variety of tools, including a John Deere snow blower to help clear and remove snow. Installing the snow blower to the tractor takes several steps and should only be performed by someone familiar with operating the tractor and other heavy machinery.

Preparing the Tractor

Remove the tractor mower deck and drive belt and store away from the tractor. Pull up on the lift pedal, which is situated to the left side of the seat, to lower the linkage on the tractor. Pull the lock lever, behind the lift pedal, up to engage the linkage in the lowered setting. Park and turn off the tractor.

Looking at the tractor from the lower right side, lift up the shorter inner lift rod until set between the brake rod and the bracket. Then connect the front yoke of the lift rod to the outer housing of the rockshaft. Install an 10-by-28 millimeter drilled pin into the outer hole on the end of the lift rod and use a locking ring to secure.

Place the rear yoke of the shorter inner lift rod on the end of the rod to the outer housing of the shaft. Install an 10-by-28 millimeter drilled pin and a locking ring to secure. Look at the outside rockshaft bracket on the tractor mounting to ensure the bracket does not interfere with the mounting plate.

Pull back up on the lever to raise the attachment and check again for any interference. Make adjustments as necessary by disconnecting the back part of the inner rod and turning the yoke to either lengthen or shorten the rod to fit correctly. Slide in the inner lift rod and repeat as needed.

Line up the hole on the John Deere front attachment hitch with the hole on the front draft assembly on the tractor. Place the front draft pin in the hole and secure with a large 4 1/2 millimeter spring locking pin. Connect the rear yoke of the longer outer lift rod to the rockshaft bracket. Connect with an 10-by-28 millimeter drilled pin and a locking ring. Repeat with the front yoke on the lift lever bracket.

Installing the Snow Blower

Bring down the attachment hitch by pushing down on the foot pedal to the left of the seat. Press the lock lever on the lower left side of the steering wheel to release the latch. Engage the foot pedal toward the back of the tractor so that the pedal is lowered and pull the lock lever up to lock the hitch.

Examine the snow blower drive belt, which is located around the gearbox drive sheave and connects to the tensioning sheave pivot arm. Do not use the snow blower if the belt is cracked or damaged. Contact John Deere or another authorized service center for a replacement belt.

Line up the blower support on the front of the hitch with the front hitch attachment and place the blower support pins into the top slots. Pull the L-pins out and down to lower the blower support bracket and then release the L-pins to lock the blower support.

Align the slot on the chute bottom and the sprout bracket on top of the locating screw, which is on the outer portion of the rotation handle bracket. Place a 8-by-20 millimeter carriage bolt in the slot from the inside, using the square mounting hole and attach with a 8.4 millimeter washer, a 3/8 inch lock washer and the knob.

Raise and block the snow blower up and then pull on the tensioning sheave arm until the belt tension releases. Place the belt on the machine drive sheave, which is the PTO clutch, and then release the tensioning sheave arm. Lift up the snow blower and take out the block, carefully allowing the snow blower to move to the ground. Lift the snow blower again, locking into position, and pull up on the foot pedal while pushing down on the lock lever. Once the latch unlocks, push the foot pedal in the rest of the way and re-engage the lock lever to lock the blower in the raised setting. This should leave the snow blower about 4 inches off the ground. Adjust the lift height if the blower does not lock in this position.

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