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How to Build a Stoop Out of Bricks

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The simplest stoop consists of one layer of bricks in front of the door to the house. Stoops that are more elaborate have several steps leading up to the door. Instead of building a large porch that requires carpentry skills and lots of hard work, make a simple stoop using bricks. The project is fairly straightforward, and you should be able to finish it with relative ease.

Step 1

Lay out the bricks in the pattern desired in front of the door. Make the pattern as long and wide as desired. Press the bricks as close together as possible.

Step 2

Mark the area for the stoop by pushing the tip of the shovel into the ground along the edge of the bricks. Place the shovel as close to the edge of the bricks as possible.

Step 3

Remove the bricks and set them aside.

Step 4

Dig out the marked area using the shovel until you reach a depth that is 2 inches more than the height of the brick. For example, if the brick is 3 inches tall, dig the hole 5 inches deep.

Step 5

Pour the concrete sand or crushed granite into the hole. Spread it out so there is an even layer that is 1 inch thick. Compact the sand or granite using the hand tamper. This flattens the 1-inch layer down to 3/4 inch.

Step 6

Add another layer of sand and tamp it down again. Continue to add sand and compact it until the hole is 3 inches deep.

Step 7

Install the paver edging along the edge of the hole. Press the spikes into the sand, so that the vertical part of the edging rests against the inside wall of the hole and the horizontal part faces inside the hole.

Step 8

Lay the bricks in the hole in the desired pattern. The bricks should be tight and level with the ground.

Step 9

Pour fine-grain sand over the bricks. Sweep the sand into the cracks using a broom.

Step 10

Wash the extra sand off the bricks using a low setting on the power washer. The water helps push the sand into the cracks, where it will harden and keep the bricks in place.

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