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How to Keep Spiders Out of the Chicken Coop

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Chicken coops are often a perfect home for spiders; the coops are dark, filled with tiny, untouched spaces and replete with other insects for the spiders to feast on. You can minimize the spider population in your chicken coop by employing a few simple repellent methods that avoid the use of insecticides. This helps keep the chicken coop free of spiders while maintaining a healthy environment for the chickens.

Step 1

Install bright lighting throughout a wooden chicken coop. Make sure as many areas of the coop as possible are illuminated when the lights are turned on. If there is no electricity running to the coop, install solar or battery lighting that is designed for outdoor use.

Step 2

Make frequent visits to the chicken coop. Spiders thrive in dark, undisturbed environments. Turn on the lights when you visit on dark days to illuminate hiding places.

Step 3

Keep the chicken coop clean. Give it a good cleaning at least once a week and remove any spider webs. The regular upheaval of the cleaning process will deter spiders from making the coop a permanent home.

Step 4

Create a natural citrus repellent to spray around the coop. The repellent is safe for the chickens and will not harm the environment. Mix together three cups of water with 1 tablespoon of 100 percent pure lemon essential oil. Do not use an imitation or fragrance oil. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray around the exterior of the coop. Repeat once a week and after any rainfall because the rain will wash away the scent. Do not spray in the chicken coop. While the repellent is not toxic, it can irritate the skin, eyes and nasal passages of animals.

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