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How to Lift Concrete Porch Slab With Hydraulic Jacks

By William McCoy ; Updated September 21, 2017
An automotive hydraulic jack is suitable for lifting concrete slabs.

If you attempt to remodel an existing patio or porch made of concrete slabs, lifting the slabs is one of the most challenging tasks. Depending on their size, concrete slabs can routinely weigh more than 50 pounds, while larger slabs can weigh in excess of 100 pounds. Using a hydraulic jack to lift each slab is ideal. The best style of jack to use is an automotive jack, as it provides a handle to help you lift.

Step 1

Push the tip of the prybar under one edge of the concrete slab and push a heavy block against the prybar to create a lever. The block can be anything dense and rigid, such as a cinder block or a piece of cut firewood.

Step 2

Press down on the end of the prybar to elevate the edge of the concrete slab.

Step 3

Slide the hydraulic jack under the edge of the concrete slab as soon as you've lifted it high enough to create space for the jack.

Step 4

Release and remove the prybar, allowing the slab to rest directly on the lift of the hydraulic jack.

Step 5

Pump the jack handle to raise the edge of the slab as high as you desire. If the slab is too heavy to move by hand, move to the other side of the slab and use the prybar and a second jack to elevate the slab.

Step 6

Pump the handle of the second jack until you have the slab evenly balanced between the two jacks. If the slab is too heavy to carry, wheel it away with the two jacks.


Things You Will Need

  • Prybar
  • Heavy block


  • Wear steel-toed footwear to protect your feet during the completion of this project.

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