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How to Eradicate Stink Bugs in the House

By Jasey Kelly ; Updated September 21, 2017

An invasive species, brown marmorated stink bugs are agricultural pests that often invade homes in large numbers. They resemble other stink bugs with their shield-like shape, and long legs and antennae. While insecticides will kill many of the insects, they can also create bigger problems as more problematic insects may enter your home to feed on the carcasses, and then attack your woolen items and carpet. If you can't keep these pests out of your home, a vacuum cleaner is the best option for controlling them.

Step 1

Examine your home to see where the stink bugs are coming in. Most often these bugs will congregate near the areas they come in at. Finding their entrance will help you eradicate them more effectively and quickly.

Step 2

Vacuum the stink bugs as you see them and empty the contents of the vacuum outside immediately. True to their name, brown marmorated stink bugs release a protective odor when disturbed, which will stay within your vacuum if you do not immediately empty the contents.

Step 3

Spray stink bugs with a handheld aerosol insecticide. Use caution; insecticides are poisonous. Make sure the insecticide is labelled for use indoors.


Things You Will Need

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Handheld aerosol insecticide

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