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DIY 3-Point Hitch Frame

A three-point hitch is used with tractors to attach various types of implements. There are three points on the hitch to attach an implement, such as a plow, to the tractor. If you require a three-point hitch that will fit on your garden tractor, you can make the frame from metal tubing. To do this, you'll need to cut and weld metal tubing to make the frame for the three-point hitch.

Measure a length of square metal tubing to 28 inches with the tape measure. Make a mark on the metal tubing with the felt tip marker. Cut the length of tubing with the band saw.

Measure up 1 1/2 inches on one end of the cut piece of metal tubing and make a mark. Drill a 7/8-inch hole through both sides of the metal tubing by using the drill press.

Measure and cut a 24 1/2-inch length from the metal tubing. Measure and mark the center of the tubing.

Place the 28-inch piece perpendicular on the center mark of the 24 1/2-inch piece. Weld the two pieces together with the arc welder.

Mark the center of the 28 1/2-inch piece of metal and drill a 7/8-inch hole.

Drill a 7/8-inch hole in the center of the 2-inch square pieces of metal. Insert the thread end of the hitch ball into the hole in each piece of metal. Tighten the nut onto the threads of each hitch ball by using the wrench.

Insert one of the 2-inch metal square pieces into the hole in the 28 1/2-inch metal tubing. Turn the hitch ball into the hole by hand. Weld the square metal piece to the metal tubing.

Place the 2-inch square metal pieces on the end of the 28 1/2-inch metal tubing. Weld the square metal pieces to each end of the tubing.

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