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How to Use a Brick Hammer

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A brick hammer -- also called a masonry hammer -- is a hand tool used by carpenters and masons. One end of the hammer head has a block, and the opposite end has a chisel. While there are several handy ways to use the brick hammer, it is most often to break, trim and clean brick slabs. The brick hammer can be found at most home improvement stores in the tools and hardware section.

Step 1

Use the blunt side of the brick hammer to break apart large brick pieces. This side can also be used to split brick layers in half or crush brick into rock.

Step 2

Use the blunt side of the hammer on concrete and cement as well. When necessary, it can be used to drive stakes and to split cutting lines.

Step 3

Use the chisel-end of the brick hammer for delicate hammering jobs, such as chipping small brick pieces. Simply strike the large brick gently with the chisel-end until brick chips break off.

Step 4

Use the chisel-end to trim and smooth brick faces. Strike the brick face with soft and even hits. Work from one end of the brick face to the other until the brick is smooth.

  • Use the blunt side of the brick hammer to break apart large brick pieces.

Step 5

Use the chisel-end to separate cemented brick pieces. Strike the cement between the brick pieces until a small amount of cement dust forms. Use the chisel to scrape away cement dust. Strike the cement again until the brick pieces separate.

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