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How to Make a Metal Mesh Sphere

Often used as decoration or to hold plants in a garden, spheres made of metal mesh add a unique look to your household. Metal mesh, sometimes called hardware cloth, is a pliable material that is shaped at your discretion. Although it may seem complicated, making a sphere out of metal mesh is accomplished by using an inflatable ball.

Inflate a beach ball or exercise ball. Use a heavy-duty ball made of thick material.

Apply release agent to the entire surface of the ball per the manufacturer’s instructions. The release agent will prevent the metal mesh and glue from sticking to the ball.

Cut sheets of metal mesh into strips with scissors. Depending on the size of the ball, the strips will be cut to a different width. The strips should be about one-third the width of the ball.

Wrap the ball in the metal mesh strips. Start with the first strip in the middle of the ball, running vertically. Place a second strip so it overlaps the first strip. Repeat this process until the entire ball is covered with metal mesh strips, with the exception of the top. Leave a hole big enough for the deflated ball to fit through on the top of the ball.

Apply metal glue or epoxy to the top of the overlapping edges of the metal mesh sheets with a brush. Apply to each sheet as you lay it on the ball.

Dry the glue for one hour.

Deflate the ball by uncapping the air vent or by piercing it with the tip of the scissors. Pull the deflated ball through the opening in the metal mesh.

Lay a metal mesh strip across the opening and adhere it to the rest of the ball with metal glue or epoxy. Let the glue dry.

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