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How to Use MTD Shift on the Go

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The MTD Shift On The Go lawn tractor transmission, also called Transmatic, is a simple design that combines a single-speed transaxle with forward and reverse gears and a variable-speed belt drive. Although the speed control has six or seven positions, depending on tractor model, these positions are actually nothing more than shifter detents. The foot brake/clutch pedal is connected to the same belt-drive control, so the speed control is similar to a "cruise control" on a car.

Sit on the tractor and disengage the PTO. Place the shifter in Neutral, the speed control in Park, and push the clutch/brake all the way down.

Pull out the choke knob and advance the throttle control. Turn the key and start the tractor. Push the choke control in.

Move the shifter to the "Forward" position. Move the speed control to the "1" or "2" position. Release the clutch/brake gradually. Once you are moving, advance the speed control to a speed you are comfortable with.

Push the clutch/brake pedal to slow down for obstacles. You can hold the pedal in any position that gives you the desired speed, with no danger of damaging anything. Release the pedal to resume speed.

Push the clutch/brake pedal all the way down to stop. Shift from "Forward" to "Reverse" while holding the pedal down, then release the pedal to back up.

Push the clutch/brake pedal all the way down, shift to "Neutral," and place the speed control in "Park" to park the tractor.

Troy-bilt Lawn Tractor Hard To Shift In Gear?

Without adequate lubrication, the gears in the transmission can become reluctant and hard to shift. If the transmission fluid level is low, particularly when you've recently filled the reservoir, check the area where you park the lawn tractor for evidence of a reddish-colored fluid which may indicate a transmission fluid leak. From time to time, the gears on the Troy-Bilt lawn tractor may develop mechanical problems. When the problem is a mechanical one, avoid working on it yourself. On automatic models, shift the throttle to the fast position and position the shift lever in forward or reverse. Step on and release the clutch/brake pedal to release the parking brake. Failure to shift in this manner can cause hard shifting or damage the gears.


If you engage the PTO, you will have to disengage it before backing up.


Always watch where you are going, and do not operate the tractor when children are nearby.

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