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How to Replace the Pull Cord on a Craftsman Weed Trimmer

The pull cord on a Craftsman weed trimmer operates the starter mechanism so the operator can get the combustion process started. The pull cord allows the operator to turn the flywheel by hand until it spins fast enough and the engine takes over the process. This cord can get pulled off from excessive tugging when the engine won’t start or it may get ripped or frayed, forcing the operator to replace the cord before he can start trimming again.

Move the ignition switch on the Craftsman into the “Off” position. Unscrew the starter assembly cover and remove it from the trimmer using the screwdriver. Flip the starter cover over to replace the pull cord.

Cut the old cord off the pulley and the starter handle. Throw the old cord away. Push the new cord through the middle of the pulley, the hole in the starter cover and the center of the starter handle.

Tie a knot above the starter handle and at the base of the pulley. Wind the cord around the pulley until 10 inches remain unwound. Form a loop into the unwound portion.

Pinch the loop at the bottom and wiggle it back and forth until the recoil spring hooks onto the pulley. Hold the starter cover and wind the loop and pulley four to six revolutions to tension the recoil spring. Press and hold the pulley with your thumb.

Let go of the loop and unwind the cord. Lift your thumb off the pulley slowly to let the cord rewind onto the pulley. Add additional revolutions if the handle isn’t tight against the starter cover. Fit the starter cover back onto the engine and tighten it into place.

Replace A Weed Wacker Pull Cord

Place your weed wacker on a flat surface and allow it time to cool completely. Put gloves on to protect your hands. The number of screws differ from model to model. Release the tension on the pull cord and allow it to wind into the pulley. Remove the center screw in the assembly with a screwdriver. Lift the old recoil pulley out of the assembly. Pull the remaining pull cord out of the pulley. Remove the end of the cord from the notch and feed it through the hole in the assembly. Reattach the spark plug boot onto the spark plug.


The recoil spring can fly out at any time, so always wear safety glasses.

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